Something a bit new!  Here you will find the candidates campaign letters for the upcoming Band Election on Chippewas of Georgina Island.

The candidates were contacted and invited to send in a letter so it could be posted.  Below you will find the ones who responded.  Should you have any questions please direct them to the candidates, they will have their contact information on each submission.  All candidates were given a chance to submit a letter to explain their platform and any views or opinions expressed are from the candidates and not the First Nation.

For Chief

Donna Big Canoe for Chief

For Council

Alicia Trivett for Council

Benson Big Canoe for Council

Brittany Ellis for Council

David Migizance Big-Canoe for Council

Dylan Big Canoe for Council

John Charles for Council

Lauri Hoeg for Council

Shelley Charles for Council

William McCue for Council



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